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One Poultry

Branding an Architectural Icon

  • Brand Identity
  • CGI / Animation
  • Digital Design
  • Environment
  • Publishing
  • Type Design
  • Web Design

Designed by the acclaimed architect, Sir James Stirling, as his final masterpiece, One Poultry has come to be recognised as one of London’s great architectural icons.

Marking a new chapter in the redevelopment of the site, HS was commissioned to reframe this unique landmark through the creation of a contemporary brand identity. Drawing on the distinct visual language inherent within the architecture, we referenced the geometry and bold colour palette to develop an identity that was rooted in the notion of a dimensional Sans Serif. Modular in construction, our bespoke typeface served as a reflection of this radical, post-modernist scheme. This modular construct also allowed the letterforms to adapt a dynamic, animated behaviour when used in a digital space.

The core identity was carried across all communications for the leasing campaign – including print, web and onsite installation. A limited edition, collectable brochure completed the project, featuring essays, quotations and archive imagery that told the story (and the infamous battle) of this most celebrated British building.