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Young Fathers

Get Up

  • Campaign
  • Exhibition Design
  • Film

A collaboration between Young Fathers and Tom Hingston, this installation was originally commissioned for the entrance room of the Rebels, Widow Series.

Directed by Tom Hingston and Thomas James, the film rendition of the bands song ‘Get Up’ presented a rallying cry to the rebel spirit: a call to action in the form of a moving triptych, invited viewers to cross the threshold, leaving their inhibitions at the door as they entered the show and stepped into the realm of British subculture.


An interpretation of Young Fathers ‘Get Up’, taken from the album ‘Dead’ and featuring Alloysious Massaquoi
Concept development: Tom Hingston and Alloysious Massaquoi

Directors: Tom Hingston and Thomas James
Production Company: Black Dog Films
DoP: Benjamin Wearing
Make Up: Jenny Coombs
Additional Sound Design: Tamber Studio
Editor: Jake Armstrong
Colourist: Richard Fearon