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Veuve Clicquot

The Widow Series

  • Art Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Campaign
  • Environment
  • Exhibition Design

The Veuve Clicquot Widow Series launched in 2015, as an homage to the brand’s revolutionary founder Madame Clicquot – and to demonstrate commitment to the brand’s creative heritage.

Each year, through the Widow Series, Veuve Clicquot invites a different creative visionary to take inspiration from the Maison’s story and interpret it in their own unique way. In 2018 Hingston was invited to curate the show, bringing the brand story to life through an immersive exhibition, that took place over three nights on London’s South Bank.

Led by the spirit of innovation that Madame Clicquot embodied, the show chaptered the most significant moments in the brand’s story, via a journey through British subculture. Presented in the form of an imaginary nightclub. The internal space of a nightclub has long been regarded as an important catalyst for radical thinking and visionary ideas – where like-minded individuals meet and exchange ideas. This show, titled ‘REBELS’ embraced music, fashion, film, art and installation to tell the story of a modern revolution through the nocturnal world of the club.

Exploring a series of parallels with key chapters in Madame Clicquot’s story, REBELS gathered together some of the UK’s most forward-thinking talent to bring Hingston’s unique vision to life – from the rebellion of punk, through the subversion of identity, to the culture of mass celebration and festivals.

In addition to designing a new Widow Series brand identity, the show was supported for the first time by an extensive outdoor and digital campaign, designed and art directed by HS.


Young Fathers
Thomas James
Jehnny Beth and Johnny Hostile
Nick Knight
Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones
James Lavelle
Anna Burns
Neneh Cherry
Joe Goddard
Liam Hodges
Jenny Coombs
Rebecca Louise Law
Chris Levine
Robert del Naja

With special thanks:
True Staging
Renegade Design
ER Productions
Andy Doig
EMF Events
Reuben Feels
Nick Phillips
Black Dog Films
Sound Services
Mark Hooper
Rob Jelley
Ellie Phipps

Room 01: Manifesto
Young Fathers

An interpretation of Young Fathers ‘Get Up’ taken from the album ‘Dead’ and featuring Alloysious Massaquoi

Concept Development: Tom Hingston and Alloysious Massaquoi
Directors: Tom Hingston and Thomas James
Production Company: Black Dog Films
DoP: Benjamin Wearing
Additional Sound Design: Tamber Studio
Editor: Jake Armstrong
Colourist: Richard Fearon

Room 02: C.A.L.M
Jehnny Beth and Johnny Hostile

Photography: Johnny Hostile
Sound Design: Johnny Hostile
Words: Jehnny Beth

Room 3: The Revolution
Nick Knight

Director: Nick Knight
Editor: Younji Ku
Stylist: Simon Foxton

Room 04: Sunken Cargo
Anna Burns and Neneh Cherry

Set Design: Anna Burns
Soundtrack: Neneh Cherry (A collaboration with Four Tet and 3D)
Sound System: Funktion-One

Room 05: Gender and Identity
Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones

With special thanks:
Gavin Coetzee
Andrew Galimore
Carolin Nini Holzhuber
Vivian Solari
Dickson MBI
Chris Levine
Campbell Beaton
John Nolan
Duncan Horn
Karl Gallivan
Tristan Schoony
Anna Trevelyan
Daniel Maclagan
Wicked Pixels
John Nolan Studio
Immortal Productions

Room 06: The Comet Bar
Liam Hodges and Joe Goddard

Music Programming: Joe Goddard
Stylist: Liam Hodges
Tie Dye: Stain Shade
Sound System: Funktion-One

Room 07: Field Of Dreams
Rebecca Louise Law, Chris Levine and Robert Del Naja

Installation: Rebecca Louise Law
Lighting Design: Chris Levine
Soundtrack: Fantom