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Book Cover for Nick Cave Stranger Than Kindness. Art Direction and Design by Hingston Studio, London

Nick Cave

Stranger Than Kindness

  • Exhibition Design
  • Publishing

‘Stranger Than Kindness’ is a journey through images and words into the creative world of Musician and long term collaborator, Nick Cave.

Originally presented by the Royal Danish Library in Copenhagen, the exhibition brings together large scale installations and original atmospheric soundscapes with more than 300 objects from Cave’s own collection, the Nick Cave archive at Arts Centre Melbourne, the collections of Royal Danish Library and a number of private lenders. The show is currently touring the US.

Cave’s body of work encompasses a wide range of media and modes of expression, with narrative forms at its heart. The exhibition invites visitors to follow Cave’s development as an artist – and to gain insight into the overarching themes of his work, his working methods and the many sources of inspiration underpinning it all. Behind each work is an equally fascinating artistic process not originally intended for public view; the exhibition opens up the innermost parts of Cave’s creative universe and offers a story of its own.

Working closely with Nick and the Royal Danish Library team, Hingston designed the visual identity, campaign, exhibition graphics and the accompanying publication, including the art direction of Ben Smith’s dual portrait of Cave.


Exhibition developed by: Nick Cave, Christina Back / Royal Danish Library and Janine Barrand / Arts Centre Melbourne

Exhibition Design: Christina Back
Identity and Exhibition Graphics: Hingston Studio
Layout: Rasmus Koch Studio

Art Direction and Design: Hingston Studio
Layout: Rasmus Koch Studio
Image Retouching: Eli Lajboschitz
Cover Painting: ‘Ink and Solice’ by Ben Smith