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Book for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Lovely Creatures. Design by Hingston Studio, London

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Lovely Creatures

  • Publishing

Lovely Creatures celebrates 30 years of the Bad Seeds. This limited edition, deluxe box set explores the band’s diverse and prolific history, through unseen imagery and a series of accompanying essays.

The 256 page, case bound book reveals a wealth of hidden ephemera and souvenirs collected over the three decade period; unseen photographs donated by current and former members, drawings, negatives, flyers and hand written notes are interleaved within the pages.

The book is arranged in chronological order and laid out much like a novel. There is a typographic purity to the pages; layouts exercise restraint and structure akin to a classic book, this notion of order is then disrupted by the hidden layers of loose insertions which appear intermittently – inviting a sense of discovery and exploration when viewing the book.

There is a wealth of motifs and symbology to be found in the lyrics of Bad Seeds songs – the series of icons that appear on the front cover each represent a different track from their catalogue. Collectively they form one holistic image that represents multiple records, different concepts, all written at various stages of the band’s extraordinary life.

The box set received a 2018 Grammy Nomination for Best Recording Package.