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Massive Attack ‘Mezzanine’

DNA Spray Paint

  • Packaging

To mark the 20th anniversary of Mezzanine, the original album was re-issued as DNA spray paint. Conceived and developed by long term friend and collaborator Robert Del Naja, this was released as a limited edition format, each individual can containing one million copies of the album’s DNA.

Collaborating with a team of scientists in Switzerland, a digital bitstream of the original record was encoded into strands of artificial DNA. To enable the mixing of the DNA with the paint, and to guarantee the stability of data, the DNA sequences were then encapsulated in synthetic glass fossils – these microscopic, silicone particles were subsequently mixed with the black liquid pigment. Working closely with Del Naja, HS designed the identity and packaging for this entirely new album format.

Winner: 2019 Wallpaper* Design Awards


Concept: Dr Robert Grass, Robert Del Naja and Andrew Melchior
Design: Hingston Studio and Robert Del Naja
DNA Creation: TurboBeads Lab / ETH Zurich
Co-developed and Manufactured by: LMA