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Formula 1

The Global Exhibition

  • Brand Identity
  • Environment
  • Exhibition Design
  • Type Design

Formula 1 recently announced that the world’s first official F1 Exhibition will open in Madrid, in March 2023. The show will present an interactive and immersive journey through the world of Formula 1.

Working closely with Round Room Studios, HS created the visual identity system and launch campaign for this exciting new exhibition. With such a vast and complex narrative to tell, the information architecture was key – the typographic language defined the framework for our entire approach. Modular in construct – the core identity is comprised of a number of interchangeable elements. This flexibility allows the lockup to adapt to the requirements of any host city or venue – where hierarchy and naming can be re-configured to reflect localised nuance.

A unique family of bespoke headline typefaces form a central part of the typographic system, comprising three different cuts – Torque 100, Torque 50 and Torque Inline, each designed by Hingston. The condensed letterforms make subtle reference to the sport’s history; the golden era of the 60’s and 70’s – whilst evoking strength and modernity. The circular geometry applied to corner details, echoes that of the F1 mark itself – establishing a dynamic synergy between the two components. Meticulous identity guidelines detail how the brand and typographic system can flex across print, digital and environmental touchpoints, including the exhibition spaces themselves.

The campaign heroes our unique interpretation of the F1 car. Created entirely in CG by HS, this dynamic formation of light and data creates a fluid expression across print and digital environments.


Design and Creative Direction: Hingston Studio
3D/CG Motion Design: Markus Lehtonen at Hingston Studio
Typeface Design: Hingston Studio
Coding and Engineering: @f37foundryandstudio