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Posters for Chemical Brother Born In The Echoes. Campaign and Design by Hingston Studio, London

Chemical Brothers

Born In The Echoes

  • Campaign

Born in the Echoes is the eighth studio album from the Chemical Brothers. HS was commissioned to design the campaign and packaging for the release.

The record itself had a raw, primal feeling – something that the band were keen to reflect in the artwork. The discovery of a fabric sample sourced at the National Library at Kew, unlocked the creative approach: Originally designed in 1843, by a textiles company named Thomson and Sons, the image has a profoundly futuristic feel. The re-appropriation of this vintage reference (over 150 years old) combined with a contemporary electronic record created a unique synergy.

Monochromatic and charged with primal energy, the final image was extended across the packaging and global campaign for the album release.